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In the life of many women there is an unplanned pregnancy that requires a responsible and difficult decision. In order to avoid mechanical abortion, attention should be paid to the medical option, for which special drugs are used.The best of these is Cytotec used in gynecology for pregnancy termination (if the delay exceeds 42 days)

The drug is effective as a preventive measure in the propensity to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, to prevent the development of ulcers, erosive forms of gastritis. The drug allows you to maintain the integrity of the mucosa of the digestive system, suppressing the synthesis of pepsin and accelerates the cicatrization of erosions of the mucosa by reducing the volume of hydrochloric acid, producyruemy stomach during the night, stimulates the contraction of muscles of the intestine.

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In gynecology, pills are used to terminate pregnancy at the final stage of medical abortion. The use of the drug provokes self-abortion (miscarriage), to avoid unwanted and dangerous surgical procedure. The need of medication, stimularea the release of the ovum from the uterus by strengthening the contractions of the myometrium, occurs due to the stood pregnancy or used as alternatives to surgical "cleaning" for management of incomplete abortion. Cytotec effective when used with Mifepristone is the combination medication allows you to achieve my goal of abortion.

The main active ingredient contained in the pills is Misoprostol at a dosage of 0.2 mg, which is an artificial analogue of the natural biologically active substance prostaglandin E1. Auxiliary-MCC, silicon dioxide, sodium carboxymethyl starch.

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The method of application and dosage of the drug is calculated on the basis of the therapeutic goal.

In the treatment of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer Cytotec instructions for use indicates the need of taking 1 tablet 2 to 4 times a day. The last dose of the drug is recommended to drink before going to bed to improve the efficiency and inhibition of the production of excess gastric juice.

The desired effect of medical abortion is achieved by combining two drugs-Mifepristone and Cytotec. The drug should be used in a specialized medical institution under the watchful supervision of a gynecologist. Initially, the patient was assigned Mifepristone; after 24 hours two tablets Cytotec. The dose of the drug is calculated by the doctor, based on the approximate dose for single use (200 mg) and the individual characteristics of the patient (age, weight, presence in the history of childbirth/abortion). The beginning of the drug is observed in half an hour; the period of complete decay in the body is 6 hours. Visible effects of pharmacological effects on the body of a woman-cramping pain in the abdomen, followed by severe bleeding, indicating the exit of the fetal egg. In women who took the pill, the duration of bleeding from the vagina periodically reached 7 to 14 days.

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